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Exciting New Updates!

New! Take a look at our new TeleHealth System– Affordable nationwide care without the travel!

New! Ask Dr. Brady your tough health questions LIVE! The Doctor’s In LIVE TM systems allow you to join a LIVE video Q&A session with Dr. Brady. Times will be announced to Dr. Brady’s FaceBook and Twitter fans, so make sure you follow.

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After much pressure from patients and lecture attendees I am excited to announce that I will be spilling my brain out into this blog. The information here will restore hope for those who have lost it to a chronic health condition. This information will make some mad because they will learn information that could have helped them long ago. This information will make many extremely happy because they will leave here armed with the knowledge to take control of their own health whether it’s a chronic condition or preventing sickness. Post will show how Functional Medicine applies in specific conditions, updates in new health info, and of course we will have some fun answering some weird health questions like, “Why can’t you open you eyes during a sneeze” or “What causes someone to sleep walk?” Please shoot over any and all questions you have. This is an interactive blog so get involved!

A very quick background about myself so we can get started…

My family and I moved to Asheville North Carolina from New Roads Louisiana back in the early 90’s. Because I was able to “duel enroll” in college classes during high school, I was able to attend a local college after the regular school day. By the time I graduated high school I was almost a junior in college. I studied Neuropsychology at UNCG and was blessed to be apart of a research team that did some groundbreaking work in the area of schizophrenia. After undergraduate college, I attended Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas Texas. I moved to Atlanta Georgia after finishing my residency education in Clinical Neurology. Since I have published many articles in regional publications and have drawn large crowds to my community lectures.

Brady Hurst DC, CCCN
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