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Letter from Scott and Susan to the laboratory director at Metametrix Clinical Laboratories…


I don’t know if you will even remember talking with me early last year about my wife’s medical condition. You referred us to Dr. Brady Hurst and I have promised him that I would fill you in. After 5 other doctors came up with nothing – even an Emory trained Vascular Surgeon – Dr. Hurst was able to very quickly diagnose my wife with an infection. He sent us for an MRI and we found out that she has Osteomyelitis (bone infection). This was out of his area and we ended up going to an Infectious Disease Specialist. She has completed 8 months of IV antibiotic and has been on oral for another 5 months now. It could be many more months before she is done.
So, I apologize that this is so late. I have been home taking care of my wife for over a year and it has been hard. I highly recommend Dr. Hurst and it is my opinion that you can confidently refer him to anyone – especially the hard cases that nobody else can figure out. Thank you for helping to put us on the right track for a diagnosis – and hopefully very soon – a complete cure!
Thank you,

Scott & Susan

Complaints: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), depression.

Complaints: Spinal Degeneration, elevated Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), liver problems.

I am doing fabulously well thanks in large measure to you. I continue to follow the diet you gave to me and exercising regularly (yoga) and I must say, I have never felt better. Actually not bad at all for a woman pushing 60! I will be scheduling an appointment at your clinic for myself in a few months.

You’re so good at what you do. I have to tell you that in all my years I have never been able to eat sensibly. Now it comes naturally to me. You have changed my life and I can’t thank you enough for that.


Never told you Dr. Brady. Last Thursday you diagnosed my kidney infection. Apparently something I had let fester way too long. I ended up in the hospital on that same day on fluids and IV antibiotics. Docs said a couple more days and I would have been on the verge of renal failure! So you could kind of say, you saved my kidneys. 🙂 Thank you!

Believe it or not, after my soreness last night, I woke up this morning for the first time actually being able to get out of bed and stand up straight w/ hardly any pain!!  I think it’s been 10 years since I did that.  When I get out of bed, that’s always the most painful time for me and the fact I could stand up straight is amazing! Thanks so much Dr. Brady!


Dear Dr. Brady,

How do I begin to thank you? Oh how wonderful it is to have a diagnosis after all this time! It is a scary diagnosis, but sounds to be treatable. After so many doctors, and so many test, and so much time going by with my body getting weaker- you, my dear Dr. Brady, knew what to do to get our diagnosis we so desperately needed to being proper treatment. THANK YOU!

You have no idea how fondly you are talked about around our home. Not only did you know what to do, but also you have treated us like family and we feel like you are part of ours.

Scott will be calling Pam at Metamertix laboratory this week to let her know she can very confidently recommend you highly.

We’ve been thorough quite a lot. You have quite literally saved my life. I was fighting with all I had for my husband’s sake. I felt I was getting weaker, but he loves me so very much I just had to be ok for him. He’s very very special! I don’t think 2 people have ever loved each other more. I can’t imagine what he’s gone through all this time watching my health wane.

I’m sorry I’m not easy to call. I have going from the bed to the sofa with my leg elevated, to the shower, to the bed. You probably would be better off not talking to me- seems it doesn’t take much for me to cry these past few weeks.

But now we have much hope! My sweet darling husband may soon have his wife back! Nearly every day, he looks at my poor red swollen foot propped up on a pillow and says, “I love that foot”. I just have to get better for him!

We’ve prayed and prayed ever day for so long and God in His Providence had gotten us to you. You told us that you would get to the bottom of this and you really did!

Oh, thank you Dr. Brady. We appreciated you so much. We will be in touch.

Most Sincerely,


I have been a long time skeptic of “chiropractors.” Dr. Brady Hurst is anything but! I had been to several different “experts” who ended up treating the symptoms & not the problem. I have found Dr. Hurst to be extremely educated in functional medicine spanning multiple areas (not just “the back”), who in turn solved a lot of interrelated problems through connective methods…most of which I never would have guessed could be related. In addition to his vast knowledge, he has something most other doctors lack these days…bed side manner. He seeks to understand through thorough analysis & listening (believe it or not). If, like me, you have been turned off by others who have gotten comfortable just practicing what they know & have not learned biochemical medicine, you owe it to yourself to check your skepticism at the door & allow the chance for Dr. Hurst to introduce to you a fresh & unique angle of healing in this age of “the pill cures all.”



Dear Dr. Brady,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated our phone consultation. You have no idea how very encouraging your words: “We will get to the bottom of this”, and, “We won’t stop until we do.” I had to fight back tears as I heard that. We are waiting to pick up pictures of my foot and leg in a few days. We’ll send you any that come out clear.

My dear husband will be calling our hospital to arrange an MRI. It’s wonderful to think that it might tell us what has been wrong- and finally can treat it.

Thank you for working with us and giving us hope…

Very Sincerely,



I had one of the more unique and I could say odd medical experiences with Dr. Brady. I had a chronic case of the hiccups. It went past the annoying phase and was becoming extremely uncomfortable. Dr. Brady said he understood the problem behind hiccups and that the actual root of the cause stemmed from the nervous system. I will admit that I was a huge skeptic at first, but Dr. Brady was able to make just one slight adjustment to the top of my neck and PRESTO! No more hiccups. It almost felt too close to voodoo magic, but whatever the case it was cured. I must have told 15 people this story.


Thanks Dr. Brady, it’s good to have you as our Doctor!


I would like to recommend and endorse Dr. Brady Hurst, doctor of Chiropractic Neurology, for True Health: Center for Functional Medicine; warmly referred to as “Dr. B” by his patients. I have found Dr. Brady to genuinely warm, caring and always professional.

I have been a patient of Dr Brady for 3 short months now and I feel better than I have felt in the last several years. I have been to several Chiropractics over the last 7 years. I have had enough experience with them to know you should never let some of them adjust you. Dr. Brady’s adjustment techniques are very gentle and he employs the latest engineering and technology. When I leave his office after an adjustment everything is as it should be – my balance is restored and pain decreased. If you need an adjustment you should try Dr. Brady.

Dr. Brady, however, is much more than a Chiropractor. He treats your body from a whole-functioning model rather than a sick model. Most doctors review your lab work then dissect the body’s systems and treat each symptom as a separate entity, and usually prescribe 2 or 3 different medications (drugs) to address each body system separately. These drugs simply mask the symptoms and do not correct the problem. Dr. Brady reviews your lab work and he sees the results as a whole, knowing that each body system functions together to make us whole. He prescribes nature supplements that assist your own body’s natural healing process and you recover naturally. Dr. Brady will also help you in making some life style changes to keep you healthy and balanced.

When I came to Dr. Brady, I was on medication and being treated for an over production of stomach acid. I was diagnosed with this condition over 3 years ago and prescribed several different medications to address the symptoms over the years, with little relief from the pain, which was often and sometimes constant. Not to mention, the side effects were terrible. Also, I was also diagnosed with anemia, which I was not being treated because my primary care doctor could not find the cause of the anemia. You can imagine I was pretty void of energy most of the time and crashing almost every evening. This had become a way of life for me.

When I came to Dr. Brady I was in a lot of stomach pain most of the time and I had no energy. Dr. Brady review my lab work and diagnosed me with an under production of stomach acid. He explained that because of low stomach acid my body could not break down protein and this causes anemia. Dr. Brady viewed my symptoms from a functioning whole model picture. He did not look at dissect my body systems and treat them individually. He viewed them as functioning together therefore he was able to see the 2 symptoms were related. He prescribed supplements to assist my stomach in producing stomach acid and after a couple of weeks prescribed Iron supplements that also have compounds to assist the absorption of the iron.

I must say, after 1 day’s dose of the stomach supplements the pain was so minimal it was almost unnoticed. My stomach actually felt normal. I had not been pain free in at least 4 years. With Dr. Brady’s expertise he was able to determine that both of the conditions I had were related and need to be treated as a whole.

If it were not for Dr. Brady, my over all quality of life would be suffering even now. I actually function so much better now, and I am able to accomplish all of my tasks in a day. I will continue treatment under Dr. Brady until we get this body in total balanced.

Thank you Dr. Brady Hurst for all you do.



Doc Brady,

1. “You take a personal interest in your patients. As I was leaving today, you motioned to call you and talk if I needed to converse with someone about my recent situation.”

2. “You are not about the money. When I began seeing you, I was visiting you three times weekly, and have progressed to once bi-weekly. Also, you and your colleagues have provided me with equipment of a significant value.”

3. “You have a gentle approach and demeanor. You are easy to converse with and gentle with your hands. My body does not go into shock after getting “cracked” by you. I actually walk out of your office feeling stronger, more flexible, and more confident.”

4. “You’re skills are broader than that of “cracking” my back. We are embarking on my other medical situations. I appreciate and respect your diversity.”

5. “You have a great personality.”


“I started to feel a change by Friday evening.
Today, I feel balanced… pelvis centered under my torso… back feels like my natural lumbar curve is being restored.
I was definitely more limber in the gym today and in general, I feel more agile. Neck feels good too. Bring on the active release!”


Dr Brady,

“I just wanted to thank you again for your time this morning and for your willingness to help me. I cannot tell you how frustrating and hopeless I have felt dealing with this pain and hearing every doctor tell me that there is nothing that can be done and nothing they can find that is causing the pain. I feel so full of hope right now and I have not felt this way in quite some time. Again, thank you for restoring my hope and faith in the natural medicine. I knew that there was a doctor somewhere who still cared for his patients. I just wish that it hadn’t taken me so long to find you.”


Dear Dr. Hurst

“When calling you with such short notice, I had no idea such discomfort could be relieved in such a short time! With throbbing in my back that suddenly begun in my 25th week of pregnancy, I am so relieved there’s a way I can resolve and prevent so much pain and distress.”

“I can’t thank you enough, and am eager to share your name and contact info with others, including my OB/GYN and Perinatologist. I am also thankful there will be other ways to resolve pregnancy back pain other than medications, especially since I am a high-risk patient.”


“Dr. Brady, I love your people skills. My senior citizens that you talked to really appreciated you coming and giving them good information on chiropractics and aging. I also value the fact that you use homeopathic and naturopathic remedies, and that you are willing to think outside the box in terms of treating people.”


“Your knowledge goes far beyond the spine itself, and far beyond any other chiropractor I’ve been to.”


Hi Dr. Brady!

“I admire the way you give your undivided attention to who ever you are talking to. The way you tilt your head with interest and the personal touch you give.”


“I think that your approach as a Chiropractor is different than the traditional approaches and b/c of that, you appeal to a broader base of patients. I mean, until I met you, I never considered chiropractors “real” healers and based on the case you’ve shared with, I now consider you as a viable option when I have an ailment. – such as the hip pain I’ve been complaining about for months!”


“You are genuinely concerned in the health of your patients.
You have a burning desire to bring people to their optimum level of health and quality of life. Your lively-hood is secondary to the health of your patients.”

“I have hundreds more!!!”


“I most appreciate your “bedside manner”. You are caring and really listen. You are not too quick to diagnose and it is obvious that you do your homework. I also like the fact that you do not recommend a prescription before you know what the problem is. Thanks for all that you do.”


I haven’t actually been your patient yet, but just the fact that you are open to helping me with my health questions—no matter how obscure—is really comforting! You are willing to boldly go where my MD won’t go to help me to improve my health!


Dr. Brady Hurst:

When I first approached you back in the summer of 2007, my back was screaming. You brought me in within 24 hrs, realigned me and I was able to walk out of your office feeling much like my normal self.

But as we both have learned over the last six months, I am not normal.

Over the past three years, I have visited with y regular doctor, who would take blood samples and send me on my way. I would have to follow up with them and go through endless voicemails to receive basic information that did not adequately assess my situation.

Recently, you and I conducted blood and salvia tests and determined medical issues. You have provided me with prompt information about my results and are providing a course of action to properly direct me into a “normal” health body.

Thank you considerably for your diagnosis, support, and gentle alignments. I highly endorse you and your services.



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