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Recently, TV news networks were shouting the dangers lurking in many lipsticks.  It was reported many popular brands add alarming levels of cancer-causing lead particles.  This is a surprise to women who apply their lipstick several times a day – lead poisoning seeping constantly into the body.  And, it’s not only women who need to be aware of toxins in cosmetics and lotions – men and children are being poisoned every day as well.

Lead Filled Lipstick? Mercury in Body Moisturizer?

Many popular cosmetics used every day contain toxic chemicals and metals such as mercury, formaldehyde, parabens, BHA, BHT, sodium laureth sulfate just to name a few. This article uncovered the use of lead in lipsticks. Our EPA has allowed over 80,000 dangerous chemicals to remain on the market without testing – without fully assessing the impact these toxins have on human health.

What to do if You Have Toxic Cosmetics?

You don’t know what you don’t know.  So the first step is to be aware.  Secondly, don’t choose a product because of pretty packaging, slick advertisements, and unproven claims. Read the product label.  Many products that boast of being all-natural have added toxins – like preservatives.

I found a good website that has done much of the research for you.  Take a look at The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics’s, “HOW SAFE ARE YOUR COSMETICS”.

The body has the ability to detoxify many chemicals we get exposed to. With over 80,000 registered chemicals and thousands of new chemicals being created every year, many people’s systems can not keep up. If toxic exposure has continued over a period of time, critical functions of the body weaken and ill health may start.

Since ill health may be gradual with cosmetic toxic exposure, your standard healthcare doctor will most likely miss this as a promoter of health issues.

You may decide to change to natural makeup. The Daily Green has a good article to get you started.

Lab Testing for Metals and Chemicals Found in Cosmetics

Lab testing for heavy metals and toxic chemicals found in cosmetics is a very useful way to find out the extent of exposure. Knowing how much exposure you’ve experienced will give invaluable information to you and your doctor and set you on your way to get rid of toxic chemicals present in your system, and return you to good health.

Will you give up your favorite cosmetic products knowing the dangers?  Share your comments below.