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  • Vitamin A and D are needed to allow thyroid hormones to work.
  • Vitamin A has to be in the form of retinoic acid (still vitamin A). This is done by enzymes in the intestines.
  • Intestinal dysfunctions is the most overlooked condition in America.
  • As much at 70% (90% in my practice) are severely deficient in vitamin D when levels are checked in the blood.
  • What to we do? A few things:
    • How is your gut functioning? Specific lab tests can be done to find out. Find and build a relationship with a doctor that practices Functional Medicine. Most doctors are only concerned with disease therefore function will be overlooked.
    • Make it a point to go outside for AT LEAST 15 minutes a day WITHOUT sunscreen. Longer than 30 minutes? Combination of coconut oil and iodine (careful of iodine Hashimoto Hypothyroidism people). Commercial sunscreens are toxic and it’s compounds can easily be absorbed through the skin. Many of these compounds can alter thyroid function. Do your homework when using them.
    • Supplement vitamin D: At least 2500 IU/day, upwards of 4,000 IU/day for severe deficiencies (several months). Get your vitamin D levels checked to find out if you’re deficient. Buy vitamin D (all products) from a professional sources (doctors). Those companies are held to stricter standards. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM DISCOUNT STORES ECT.
    • Since these suggestions are very simplistic, getting thoroughly checked out by a Functional Medicine practitioner will expose the web of factors that is driving your hypothyroidism.

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Dr. Brady Hurst
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