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Today, as over 110,000 people a year are dying from adverse drug interactions (now the 4th leading cause of death in America, right behind stroke deaths), more and more people are turning away from the traditional medical care model and gravitating toward alternative healthcare physicians such as specialized Chiropractors and Doctors of Naturopathy to take care of them and their families. What they are finding is that these doctors are able to dig to the root of health problems and find answers by using laboratory test to evaluate function rather than strictly looking for a disease. This model, unfortunately, is not being applied to today’s mainstream healthcare system. Instead, we have developed a “Sick-care” system, a system where you are considered either “healthy” or “sick” based on a group of symptoms not how well your body is able to adapt to its environment. Normal Function→Dysfunction→Disease: True “Health”-care is keeping people in normal function and not letting them continue on the path to disease.

I am asked daily, “Does this alternative natural stuff really work for people with chronic health problems?” I answer them simply, “Yes”. The reason why it has worked for millions of people is that it makes use of personalized supplements and lifestyle changes, to give the body support while it heals itself.

As many of us know (and the many who don’t) pharmaceutical medication works by suppressing biological function rather than balancing it out. A great example is a commercial where you see dam inspectors looking at a hole they find in the dam. The guy pulls out the piece of gum from his mouth and plugs the hole and says, “That should do it”. Abnormal pressure builds behind the dam and the dam explodes and destroys everything downstream. Our body works the same way. Be cautious and ask questions the next time you hear your prescribing doctor say “Take this, that should do it.”

This is where specialized physicians, like myself, who practice what is called Functional Medicine, come to the forefront of healthcare. Functional Medicine practitioners gather detailed information about the individual. This includes specialized laboratory findings, in-depth medical and personal histories, and detail exams in order to see how the patient is able to adapt to his/her environment not just to determine if the patient has a disease.

One example is assessing the risk of breast cancer. Rachel and her daughter (18 years of age) came to my office following one of my lectures on breast cancer. Many of their family members either had or currently have breast cancer. After getting detailed information about her lifestyle, I decided to run an Estronex™ test. This simple urine test measures to see if her body is breaking down the hormone estrogen correctly. We know from the professional literature that waste products of estrogen breakdown (4-hydroxy estrone and 16-x-hydroxy estrone) are very toxic to breast and cervical tissues and can play a major role in the development of cancer. The good news is that another breakdown product of the same estrogen (2-hydroxy estrone) had anti-cancer properties. Rachel’s daughter was not pumping out much of this “good” estrogen but did have large amounts of this “bad” estrogen. Because of her dreadful lifestyle and her “genetic individuality”, her body was not able to make enough of these good estrogens. We made changes in her lifestyle habits and used strong supplements that have been shown in the literature to promote “good” estrogen production. Then, four months later we re-tested her and not only did she feel like an entirely new person, but we were also able to see through the laboratory test that she was producing larger amounts of “good” estrogen. True, she did not have cancer at the time I first saw her, however, I knew that her risks of developing cancer within 20, 30, 40 years were very high. We focused on restoring health to her broken system not just determining if she had cancer or not (current healthcare model). Rachel’s family now knows the importance of having a doctor of Functional Medicine monitor their health.

Many MD’s are great at treating people in emergency situations and using drugs to relieve short-term symptoms, however, fails to adequately determine if the person’s ability to heal itself is quality or not.

I say this because all doctors take the Hippocratic Oath, “If you can not do good, at least do no harm.” This oath is being extremely ignored by many of today’s healthcare professionals because of being only symptom-focused.

Functional Medicine practitioners who specialize in long-term optimum health directives and give serious attention to complex chronic diseases are the doctors who people, like you, are reaching out to for help. These are the doctors that you hear other people travel across the country to see because of their success rates.

True Health: Center for Functional Medicine is located in Atlanta, Georgia. We help patients from all over the country, restoring their hope when faced with a chronic condition and bringing them to and keeping them in their realm of vitality and optimal health.

Welcome to my Blog and I know it will supply you with life-changing information.

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