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  • Even though diet and exercise are the cornerstones of any weight loss plan, losing weight can have barriers that extend further than just diet and exercise.
  • Self-feeding vicious cycles can develop. This is where, in this case, 1 food allergen (AKA an antigen) can set into motion a cycle that will lead to more food allergies.
  • Avoiding the food culprits can be helpful but in most cases, specific nutritional intervention is needed to thoroughly break the vicious cycle and restore normal immune balance.
  • Most food allergies are delayed. For example, you could eat a scrambled egg on Monday and not have any symptoms until Wednesday. Because of this, most people do not associate the foods they eat to their current health situation. The fact is, as we get exposed to ever-increasing environmental toxins and foods with ever-decreasing nutritional value, our immune system will go amok. We already see this in the form of a massive increase in food allergies in the USA. Up %300 in the past decade.
  • This increase in health problems may directly relate to how food is grown. “Would you like to ingest a genetically modified tomato with pesticide?”  Bad food + toxins= wrecked immune systems. Food allergies are only a symptom of something much more deep-seated.
  • Food allergy testing is easy and inexpensive. Finger stick food allergy tests are now available.

We have developed a TeleHealth Service designed to help people nationwide. Our use of advanced laboratory testing helps identify any potential blockades that keep you from losing weight and being healthy in every moment.

If this information helped you, please pass it on to others so they may be helped in the same way.


Dr. Brady Hurst
Clinic Director for