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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. During this month, Dr. Brady is giving something special to those concerned about their risk of breast cancer.

About 90% of our health care system is geared towards treating cancer after-the-fact. This leaves a meager 10% of clinics, like True Health, to focus on something more important…prevention of breast cancer, the most logical way to win the war on breast cancer (It is very important to remember that tests like mammograms are considered an early detection method, NOT preventive).   Dr. Brady uses state-of-the-art laboratory tests including the 2/16 OHE1 Ratio test and the newly released EstroGenomic Profile, a test that evaluates genetic variations, called SNP’s, that can alter estrogen metabolism (breakdown) leading to a greater risk of breast cancer and autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s. Since our nutrition and other environmental exposures ultimately determines our genetic expressions, we can take this information and design a nutritional plan to override those genes, greatly reducing the risk of cancer on an individual level.

Through this month only, we at True Health Center for Functional Medicine are going to wave the initial consultation and examination fee for those concerned about their current risk of breast cancer, a $185 value. Dr. Brady and his staff are doing their part to lower the increasing rates of breast cancer, which is now killing over 500,000 people a year worldwide. Act now so you wont have to react later.


Dr. Brady Hurst
True Health- Functional Medicine + Chiropractic.


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