About Dr. Brady Hurst

Dr. Brady Hurst is a Functional Medicine practitioner and Chiropractor in Atlanta Georgia. He uses the most advanced laboratory tools to uncover hidden dysfunctions and uses cutting-edge drugless treatment plans to restore those dysfunctions. This approach is critical to prevent as well as manage a variety of chronic health conditions. Learn more about Dr. Brady Hurst.

Those who are not getting the type of personal care they deserve and are not located near Atlanta Georgia now have an opportunity to get better. Dr. Brady’s TeleHealth phone consultation service is a long distance care system where patients have a personalized visit with Dr. Brady via the phone or online video conference. This program is available in the US, Canada, and tentatively internationally. A good doctor is never too far away.

Dr. Brady Hurst
Clinical Director for True Health Center for Functional Medicine and TrueHealthLabs.com
You can also find him @ +Dr Brady Hurst

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